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Product Page Tune-Up: 9 Things You Need To Learn To Increase Conversions

Product Page Tune-Up: 9 Things You Need To Learn To Increase Conversions

Hooray! I just saved Marc from a mental breakdown…

My friend Marc launched his Shopify store. He designed an outstanding website. His marketing and SEO game was also on point. He didn’t even struggle to attract lots of visitors.

But the problem was…

His visitors weren’t converting. Thus, the sales and profits remained low. Marc was stressed out. He couldn’t understand what he was doing wrong. So, I stepped up and help my friend.

I checked his website. It was great! The landing page, homepage, and even the checkout pages were well optimized. Then I went to the product page, and… 

AHA! I found the reason for low conversions!

He did not optimize the product page for conversions. So, I helped Marc fixed his product page.

And voila! Sales poured in…

Are you facing the same problem as Marc? Where your visitors are coming to your store but not converting.

No problem, we can fix it!

I’ve pulled together 9 effective tips to revamp your product pages for more conversions in today's blog post.

So, let’s start...

9 Things You Need To Learn To Increase Conversions

1. Start With Your Unique Value Proposition 

Did you know that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a web page?

That's why in the online world, every second counts.

So, you’ve got 5 seconds to introduce your unique value proposition to your visitors. Make your benefits clear from the start. So, your customers know what they’ll get from your products.

Let's look at Debutify, for example:

Start With Your Unique Value Proposition 


Our Unique Value Proposition is clear! Debutify is an eCommerce theme designed for increased sales

Let’s look at another example... plastered its UVP on the center of the page. It’ll hardly take a few seconds for the visitors to understand Timberland’s UVP, i.e., comfort and protection.

Do the same thing on your product page!

Place an attention-grabbing headline that talks about your UVP along with an attractive image.

Talking about images brings us to our second point…

2. Use High-Resolution Graphics

Technology has come a long way! We can connect with people irrespective of the distance within a few minutes.

But, technology still has a long way to go. I really wish it introduces a feature where people can touch or smell the product on the website. But who knows what the future of technology holds?

Since the customers cannot feel the product, they rely on the visual elements to buy it. Thus, upload aesthetically pleasing product pictures. Keep the background clear and capture images in good lighting. Hire a professional photographer if photography isn’t your cup of tea.

And don’t forget to add multiple pictures from different angles. This helps your customer get a better view of the product.

You can also upload videos on your product page. In fact… I think videos are a must if your product needs a demonstration or a detailed explanation.

Along with graphical content, you need a persuasive product description...

So, make sure you...

3. Nail Down Your Product Copy

Why should customers buy from you?

Your product page should answer the above question. No person wants to spend their money on something that they don’t want or need.

Hence, ensure that your product copy addresses the customer’s pain point. And present a solution. The customer buys a product when his motivation to buy outweighs his objections.

During these situations, interesting product descriptions play an important role. Identify what problem your customer is facing. And present its solution in your product copy. 

Let’s take an example here from


Parents want more from a high chair other than easy mealtimes.

Look how the website emphasizes that it’s easy to clean. It reminds the parents about the hard cleaning time that follows after each mealtime. So, features alone aren’t enough. Give your customers powerful motivations to add the product to their cart.

Do you know what I love the most about’s description?

They're easy-to-understand bullet pointers. Just a glance, and you can understand all the product benefits.

Creating bullet points for product details is insanely easy with Debutify. Its Product Bullet Points Add-On helps you add short and digestible information for your customers.

Here's how you can activate & configure our Product Bullet Points Add-On:

Next up, you need to:

4. Highlight A Clear Call-To-Action

Your customer is super impressed by your product and wants to add it to his cart. The only problem is that he doesn’t know HOW?

To avoid this dilemma from arising. Make sure you use clear and bold CTAs. The CTA should be easy to find. A customer shouldn’t scroll to and fro to find it.

Also, make sure that the CTA looks like a button. Do not experiment with it to make it look unique. If the CTA doesn’t look like a button, the customers won’t click on it.

Look how does it. It uses a simple CTA for its product page. No experiments and innovations.


Also, keep your CTA copies readable. Avoid using font style or size that makes it hard to read. If the customer cannot read the CTA copy, he won’t take the action you want him to.

What if the customer wants to click the CTA, but has a few questions about the product?

No problem, you can answer them right away.

Make sure you...

5. Activate Your Live Chat Feature

Live chat provides an excellent opportunity to connect with customers on the website. 

Sometimes the customer wants to buy the products on the website. But, what stops him is a few concerns. With the help of a live chat feature, you can quickly address those issues and help your customer.

Live chat saves customers time from calling the customer care service or writing emails for product inquiries. And let’s face it…customers these days don’t do that. They simply exit the website and forget about the product.

Did you know live chat offers the highest satisfaction level?

It offers 73% satisfaction compared to email and phone, which provide 61% and 44% satisfaction, respectively.

So, add the live chat feature to your website and respond to your customers when they need you.

And what’s the best part?

You can respond to your customers even when you’re unavailable. You can feed the answers to FAQs in your live chat. If a customer asks a question, he’ll get an answer immediately.

Or, you can ask for the customer’s email address and reply to him via email.

Be ready to respond to your customers with Debutify. It offers a Facebook messenger chat widget with its theme. This allows business owners to never miss a chance to help their valuable customers.

Learn how you can add this feature to your Shopify store:

The 6th tip on the list is to:

6. Showcase Reviews And Testimonials

Are you one of those people who buy the product without reading a few reviews?

If yes, then I salute you for your daring spirit. I don’t think I have the courage to order something from a new website without reading its reviews. And I am not the only one who does that.

Did you know that 95% of people read customer reviews before buying something from a new website?

People not only read the reviews but also trust them. 84% of people trust online reviews like personal recommendations from friends.

People are smart. They know a brand will never talk about the drawbacks of its products. But the customers will share their actual experiences with the product. If the reviews are good, prospects won’t hesitate to buy the product.

See how Debutify does it. We’ve mentioned reviews from renowned people in the market to help our prospects trust us.

Need more than reviews to convince your customers?

Displaying social proof will help. Here’s how:

7. Display Badges And Certificates 

Displaying badges and certificates can work as a surefire way to convert your prospects.

Let’s say you claim your products are environmentally friendly. Why should customers believe you? Prospects need proof other than your words to trust your claim.

Certifications prove your claims are correct. You can write the special characteristics of your products in the descriptions.

But, it’s a better idea to include badges. It’ll save precious copy space and look more authentic.

Primal Pit Paste flaunts its badges on the product page.


Maybelline also does the same. It has put up its badge on the product image. Very smart!

Now we will talk about a timeless eCommerce twofold tactic that can increase conversions...

8. Up-Sell And Cross-Sell Where Appropriate

What is the goal of your product page? To sell more, right?

Realize this goal by using the tried and tested tactic of up-selling and cross-selling. I am sure you’re familiar with both the terms. But, let’s revise it again.

Cross-selling means showing the items to customers related to his purchase.

Look at how does it.

When a person buys the baby cologne, it shows the other items that can be bought with it:

While up-selling is to show your customer a pricier version of the product that they're interested in buying.

But simply showing tons of products will not help you increase your sales! Giving too many options can confuse your customers. Thus, be careful when suggesting the product for up-selling and cross-selling.

To help you...

Why not use Debutify’s Cart Up-Sell Add-On to maximize the average order value and boost sales. Cart Up-sell Add-On is 100% FREE with the theme. You don’t have to pay extra for that, isn’t it amazing?

Learn more about our Cart Upsell Add-On by watching this video:

The last thing that you need for tuning up your product page is...

9. Informing On ‘Out-Of-Stock’ Products 

Don’t make the customers feel heartbroken with the message ‘Out Of Stock’ written next to a product.

You wouldn’t want your prospects to leave your store in a sad mood, right?

So, add the option on your website to remind the customers when the product is back in stock. Ask the person to leave his email address. So that you can notify him when his desired product is restocked.

The Brooklyn footwear company called ‘Greats’ does it greatly in its store.

The customer can enter his email, and he will receive an email when his desired size or article is back in stock.

Do you want to include the same option in your store?

Seek no more! Debutify’s Back In Stock Add-On allows your customer to fill ‘back in the stock form.’

It will help you remind your customers about the restock and never miss the opportunity to convert them.

Watch this video to know more about this add-on:


It’s Now Time To Tune-Up Your Product Pages!

Product pages are the lifeblood of your Shopify store. If they’re not optimized and presented nicely, you could lose customers and sales.

Hence, go the extra mile for your product pages and create highly converting product pages. Apply the above tips and tricks to revamp your product pages and set them on fire for boosting sales.

Do you want your product pages to multiply your conversions?

Debutify can help! It is super-fast and responsive. It also offers over 47+ add-ons to arm your product pages for increasing sales.

So what are you waiting for?

Now is the perfect time to...

Tune Up Your Product Pages With Debutify!

Optimized Product Pages. Increased Conversions. Better Profits.

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